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I'm Chip Wilson

January brings Folk Alliance International to New Orleans, and I find myself much more involved than I imagined.

Wednesday, 1/22, 9:50-10:20pm with Jew Of Oklahoma, Mark Rubin, in the Rhythms Ballroom, 2nd Fl. 


Saturday, 1/25 at 11:30am, I've been given the honor of participating in the Louis Jay Meyers Music Camp as an instructor, teaching "Get
Some New Orleans Into Your Guitar."

Other instructors include Louisiana royalty Don Vappie, Gina Forsyth and Bruce Daigreponet.


11:30-12:00am. Private Showcase with Jeremy Joyce.
TBA, FAI Traditional Music Room, Room 1231 Private Showcase, Solo. Stewart Logan Productions, Room 917
Friday, 1/24

12:50-1:10 am, Private Showcase, Solo. Lonestar Music Live, Room 1223

11:30 am-12:45pm, Instructor/Louis Jay Meyers Music Camp, “Get Some New Orleans Into Your Guitar”, Bayside A
1:30-2:15 am, Private Showcase with Rubin-Wilson String Division, Texas Sugarbaby Room, Room. 1027

Other events:

Trinity Episcopal Church - New Orleans - Every Sunday @6pm

(in collaboration with Dr. Paul Weber that includes folk, blues, and jazz influences. Every First Sunday, we bring in additional musicians, and soprano Maria Thomas joins us every week assong leader and soloist.)

You can find Stories And Occasional Lies at the following locations:

Louisiana Music Factory

Chip Wilson



Photo by Eliiot Kamenitz

Original artwork by Chip Wilson

All rights Holden C. Wilson