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Friends, these are strange days, an opportunity to connect differently than before. We won’t be gathering in groups to hear and make music for a while. But that doesn’t stop us…

Please consider checking out my YouTube channel, Djangola.

For duets with Chip Wilson and Paul Weber, check out the Trinity Church Nola or the Paul Weber channels on YouTube.

Look for Chip Wilson Nola on Facebook!

The best source for Chip Wilson CDs is louisianamusicfactory.com!

Look for Chip Wilson downloads and streaming at ArtistShare.com, Spotify and Bandcamp.

I’ve been very grateful for the donations and grants I have received during the Great Quarantine.

If you are so moved: PayPal: chipwilsonnola@gmail.com    Venmo: holden-wilson-1

Feel free to contact me at chipwilsonnola@gmail.com

Take care of yourselves, and I hope to see you in the future! cw

If you are so moved:

Venmo: holden-wilson-1 Paypal: chipwilsonnola@gmail.com


You can find Stories And Occasional Lies at the following locations:

Louisiana Music Factory

Chip Wilson



Photo by Eliiot Kamenitz

Original artwork by Chip Wilson

All rights Holden C. Wilson